are two character houses along the dike of the Scheldt located in the hamlet of ‘Weert ‘ midst the green countryside surrounding the village of Bornem.
Luxuriously equipped for 4 to 6 people, they include a fireplace, a garden, a sun terrace and a large private parking.

An oasis of untouched nature, place to be for green walking and cycling along paths and dikes.


It’s in the green countryside surrounding the village of Bornem, in the midst of “Stille Waters” (Calm Waters), that lies the picturesque hamlet of “Weert”, as if it was embraced by the old and new bed of the Scheldt.

Located in the southwest of the province of Antwerp, it is in the center of the golden triangle of Flanders, bounded by the cities of Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels.

The calm and beauty of its incomparable green countryside are like a gift from heaven.

This small part of Flanders form a kind of natural reserve characterized by a unique and diverse habitat, consisting of dikes, polders, forests, small willows (local basketry), fields, streams, canals and coves.

All this makes this region an unexpected outdoor museum.

To ensure a great experience, we have created the decoration of two beautiful carefully restored houses offering you maximum comfort, warmth and privacy.